World War II Era Motion Picture Films Regarding the European Theater 1934-1948, undated
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Collection Scope and Content Note

56 reels of 16mm motion picture film. Much of the film seems to be newsreels from German organizations. Most films have no sound. Subjects include battles and other events of World War II, as well as a few reels of film that predate the war.

Contents List:

Note: the double backslash indicates a line break. Titles of film reels were taken from the labels taped to the original film canisters.

Box 1; Item 1; Combat Area; Fall 1947

Box 1; Item 2; Rommel-Wehrmacht in Africa//Matsooka in Berlin//Jugoslavia [Yugoslavia?]; undated

Box 1; Item 3; Roman Battle (title slide includes "DEGETO SCHMALFILM-SCHRANK" and "Elefanten zum Angriff"); undated

Box 1; Item 4; Mexico Playground (reel starts with "Reichsstelle fur den unterrichtsfilm" logo); undated

Box 1; Item 5; Unlabeled (initial images are of a small dog or other animal); undated

Box 1; Item 6; Dresden Before War; undated

Box 1; Item 7; Farmers in Schleswig-Holstein; undated

Box 1; Item 8; Tour in Switzerland//Shots in Berlin; undated

Box 1; Item 9; Omaha Beach; June 6, 1948

Box 2; Item 10; Summertime in Bavaria (initial frames have text: "Auf dem wege zu edlen Perlen der bayrischen Alpenwelt"); undated

Box 2; Item 11; Empty Unlabeled Reel Container (the majority of this collection was originally housed in this type of container); undated

Box 2; Item 12; Berlin//Potsdam; undated

Box 1; Item 13; Party Scenes//219 Dahlemer Weg; undated

Box 2; Item 14; 4 Berlin//3 VE Day Parade//2 Bob Sledding//1 South Sea Gals (first frames have text: "Frauenschonheit der Sudsee"); undated

Box 1; Item 15; VE Day Parade//Bikini A-Bomb (frames start with text: "Berliner Bilder"); undated

Box 2; Item 16; Westwall//Phony War (frames start with text: "Gelegentlich seiner Deutschlandreise besichtigte der japanische General Terauchi die Befestigungszone im Westen, die er fur uneinnehmbar erklarte"); undated

Box 2; Item 17; German Work Troops (frames start with text: "RAD Filmbericht No. 11", then "Herausgegeben und gestaltet vom Presse und Propagandaamt beim Reichsarbeitsfuhrer"); undated

Box 2; Item 18; Allied Forces Olympic//Meet-Sept. 1947//Berlin; September 1947

Box 2; Item 19; Conf. of//Foreign Minister//U Boat; undated

Box 3; Item 20; Hitler Youth//Von Fritsch Funeral//Jews in Poland; undated

Box 3; Item 21; Africa Cartoon (first frames start with text: "Meine Damen und Herren! Mein Vortrag beschreibt unsere gefahrliche Filmexpedition durch das dunkelste Afrika..."; on the reel itself is inscribed "Eigentum: Reichsstelle fur den Unterrichtsfilm"); undated

Box 3; Item 22; Munchen Oktoberfest (on the reel itself is inscribed "Eigentum: Reichsstelle fur den Unterrichtsfilm"); undated

Box 1; Item 23; Monats-Schauen; January-April 1934

Box 3; Item 24; Wochenschau (frames start with logo "Ozaphan: Monatsschau 12/39" followed by text "Die Wacht am Westwall"); ca. 1939

Box 3; Item 25; Wochenschau (frames start with logo "Ozaphan: Monatsschau 3/39" followed by text "Chamberlain in Rom"); ca. 1939

Box 3; Item 26; Wochenschau; undated

Box 3; Item 27; Wochenschau (frames start with logo "Ozaphan: Monatsschau 6/39" followed by text "Italien besetzt Albanien"); ca. 1939

Box 3; Item 28; Sieg im Westen Part 1; undated

Box 4; Item 29; Sieg im Westen Part 2; undated

Box 4; Item 30; Sieg im Westen Part 3; undated

Box 4; Item 31; Sieg im Westen Part 4; undated

Box 4; Item 32; Sieg im Westen Part 5; undated

Box 4; Item 33; Sieg im Westen Part 6; undated

Box 4; Item 34; Sieg im Westen Part 7; undated

Box 4; Item 35; Sieg im Westen Part 8; undated

Box 4; Item 36; Sieg im Westen Part 9; undated

Box 5; Item 37; Sieg im Westen Part 10; undated

Box 5; Item 38; Sieg im Westen Part 11; undated

Box 5; Item 39; Sieg im Westen Part 12 (note inside of case: "Army has hard time getting over Rhine. In the last month they[?] fight to the Maginot Line. 2,000,000 French Prisoners 29,000 officers all material from 130 dinsen's[?]. French Gov't offers armistice-to meet at Compiegne"); undated

Box 5; Item 40; French Surrender//at Compiegne; ca. 1940

Box 5; Item 41; Hitler Returns to//Berlin after French//Surrender; ca. 1940

Box 5; Item 42; Nettuno//Anzio//Cassino (frames start with logo, then the text "No. 85" and "Von den Kampfen bei Nettuno"); undated

Box 5; Item 43; War in Russia//Air Bombings; undated

Box 5; Item 44; War in Russia//Novgorod//Stukas (frames begin with "Kampf un Narwa und Nowgorod"); undated

Box 1; Item 45; War in Russia//Smolensk & Gomel; undated

Box 6; Item 46; War in Russia//Smolensk//Gomel; undated

Box 6; Item 47; War in Crimea-Kiev, Part I//Germans Take Island of Osel (frames begin with "UFA schmalfilm magazin" and "Die Inseln Osel und Moon in deutscher hand"); undated

Box 6; Item 48; War in Russia//Kiev-Part 2; undated

Box 6; Item 49; War in Russia//Narwa//Crimea; undated

Box 6; Item 50; War in Russia//Kharkov; undated

Box 6; Item 51; War in Russia//Near Moscow; undated

Box 6; Item 52; War in Russia//Riga, Minsk, Leningrad; undated

Box 6; Item 53; Flak in Berlin//London Bombing; undated

Box 7; Item 54; War on Sea//Prien' - U Boot [Boat?]//& Reception in//Berlin; undated

Box 7; Item 55; Hitler at//Sportpalast//Planes at Malta//U Boot [Boat?] in//S. Atlantic (frames begin with "Gemeinnutziger Kulturfilm Vertrieb"); undated

Box 7; Item 56; Navy and//Luftwaffe//in Norway; undated

Box 7; Item 57; Denmark Occupation//War in Norway; undated

Box 8; Wood box that once contained items 28-57; undated