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Title: Mother's Day - Anna Jarvis, 1908-1979
Call number: 1358
Inclusive dates: 1908-79
Extent: 1 in.
Abstract: Copy of Congressional resolution establishing Mother's Day and biographical sketches about the holiday's founder, Anna Jarvis. Also programs of Mother's Day observances from the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church of Grafton, later the International Shrine to Motherhood, where the holiday was founded. Many of these programs contain historical sketches of the holiday and its founder. There is a program and facsimiles of the first observance.
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Title: Coal Miners Research Project, 1976-1980
Call number: 1359
Inclusive dates: 1976-80
Extent: 10 in. (2 document cases, 5 in. each)
Abstract: Correspondence, organizational papers, meeting proceedings, and newspaper clippings of the Coal Miners Research Project. Originating in 1976 with plans for a UMWA oral history project encouraged by union president Arnold Miller, it formally evolved into the Coal Miners Research Consortium and Coal Miners Research Association with broader goals of documenting coal industry related archival and oral history collections throughout the United States. A survey of collections was conducted with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and information from the survey is contained in Guide to Coal Mining Collections in the United States by George Parkinson.
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Title: Gall, David W. (1851-1939). Papers, 1884-1935..
Call number: 1360
Creator: Gall, David W. (1851-1939)
Inclusive dates: 1884-1935
Extent: 1 ft. 5 1/2 in. (3 document cases, 5 in. each); (1 document case, 2 1/2 in.)
Abstract: Account books, letter copy book, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings of the founder and editor of the Philippi JEFFERSONIAN-PLAINDEALER, lawyer, and Democratic state senator. Topics covered include the early history of Philippi, the wartime death of Gall's sons in 1915 and 1917, financial affairs of the newspaper, and Gall's column Washington Special written from the nation's Capitol and published in several West Virginia newspapers.
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Title: Willey, Waitman T. (1811-1900). Papers, 1862-1900
Call number: 1361
Creator: Willey, Waitman T. (1811-1900)
Inclusive dates: 1862-1900
Extent: 1/2 in. (1 folder)
Abstract: Papers of Waitman T. Willey (1811-1900), one of the founders of West Virginia. This collection includes letters to Harrison Hagans outlining the varied nature of opposition to the New State in Congress and Willey's position on slavery; letter from the Quartermaster General requesting support of a reorganization bill; cards and social invitations; and obituary clippings.
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Title: Trinity Episcopal Church, Norborne Parish (Martinsburg, W.Va.) Records, 1817-1921
Call number: 1362
Creator, Corporate name: Trinity Episcopal Church, Norbonne Parish (Martinsburg, W.Va.)
Inclusive dates: 1817-1921
Extent: 2 reels of microfilm
Abstract: Twelve volumes on two reels of microfilm consist of parish registers from the Trinity Episcopal Church, Norborne Parish, in Martinsburg, West Virginia from 1832 to 1900; minutes of the vestry from 1817 to 1921 (with a few years missing); account books; cash book of money collected; and book of offerings. Parish registers document baptisms, communicats, confirmations, marriages, and funerals in the parish. Collection also includes parish register from the Christ Church, Newborne Parish, in Bunker Hill, West Virginia.
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Title: Levassor, Eugene. Papers, 1796-1894.
Call number: 1363
Creator: Levassor, Eugene
Inclusive dates: 1796-1894
Extent: 10 in. (2 document cases, 5 in. each)
Abstract: Correspondence, business and legal papers, maps and printed materials of a French emigre, land speculator, and merchant from Cincinnati and Parkersburg. Subjects include Levassor's extensive landholdings in Kanawha, Lincoln, Jackson, Wood, Wirt, and Monongalia counties, and activities of his land agents; James Swann lands; the coming of the Northwestern Virginia Railroad to Parkersburg; the Panic of 1857 in that city; oil fever in the Wood County area, 1859-1866; and the activities of J.H. Diss Debar, West Virginia's first commissioner of immigration. Correspondents include J.H. Diss Debar, James M. Laidley, Charles Lisez, and Alexander Quarrier.
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Title: West Virginia University. Library, 1935-1960
Call number: 1364
Creator, Corporate name: West Virginia University. Library
Inclusive dates: 1935-1960
Extent: 1 ft. 3 in. (3 document cases, 5 in. each)
Abstract: Files from the Director of Libraries includes material on the school of Medicine, Library Committee; Committee on New Buildings; and minutes of the University Senate. Also 1 folder of purchasing procedures added 8/20/1962.
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Title: Davison Family. Genealogies. Typescripts and Records, 1771-1985
Call number: 1365
Creator: Davison Family
Inclusive dates: 1824
Extent: 1 item
Abstract: Two letters A. H. Davison of Des Moines, Iowa, and a preliminary sketch on the history of the Davison (Davisson and Davidson) Family.
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Title: Davis, John J. (1835-1916). Papers, 1800-1953
Call number: 1366
Creator: Davis, John J. (1835-1916)
Inclusive dates: 1800-1953
Extent: 3 ft. 4 in. (8 document cases, 5 in. each)
Abstract: Correspondence, business and legal papers, essays, speeches, clippings, family photographs, and printed material of a Clarksburg lawyer, member of the Wheeling Convention of 1861, and congressman, 1873-1877. Papers include Davis' correspondence while a law student in Lexington, Virginia, 1853-1855; letters from his aunt, Margaret Steen, 1848-1861, commenting on school teaching and society in antebellum Mississippi and Arkansas; letters from his fiance, Anna Kennedy, 1860-1862; letters, 1894-1916, from his brother Rezin C., a Louisville, Kentucky, lawyer and politician; correspondence between John W. Davis and Julia McDonald Davis, 1894-1900; correspondence, legal papers, accounts, and estate papers of Davis' father, John (1797-1863), a Clarksburg saddle-maker; and papers of the Clarksburg and Philippi Turnpike Company, 1850-1860. Subjects include Woodburn Seminary; Know-Nothingism in Clarksburg, 1855; Clarksburg and Philippi Turnpike; Lincoln-Douglas debates; the secession crisis in northern Virginia; the Wheeling conventions of 1861; the Reorganized Government of Virginia; West Virginia statehood; the Battle of Shiloh; Clarksburg Presbyterian Church; John S. Carlile; Reconstruction and Bourbon politics in West Virginia, 1866-1895; Kentucky and the presidential elections of 1896-1908; and the Lot Bowen Mining Company. Correspondents include George W. Atkinson, Jacob B. Blair, John W. Davis, Granville D. Hall, Henry Haymond, John J. Jacobs, Daniel B. Lucas, John W. Mason, and Francis H. Pierpont. See scope and content note for link to photographs in West Virginia History OnView.
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Title: Hereford, Frank (1825-1891). Correspondence, 1866-1901.
Call number: 1367
Creator: Hereford, Frank (1825-1891)
Inclusive dates: 1866-1901
Extent: 2 items (1 folder); 1 reel of microfilm
Abstract: Correspondence of a lawyer, Democratic congressman (1871-1877), and U.S. senator (1877-1881) from West Virginia. Subjects include West Virginia politics; the "Salary Grab" Act of 1873; the political activities of Johnson N. Camden and H.G. Davis; and Hereford's attempt to secure a position on the Utah Commission, 1886. Correspondents include Johnson N. Camden, Charles J. Faulkner, John E. Kenna, J.W. McCreery, and Daniel W. Voorhees.
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Title: Newbraugh, Fred T., Collector. Papers, (1787-1893) 1949..
Call number: 1368
Creator: Newbraugh, Fred T., Collector
Inclusive dates: (1787-1893) 1949
Extent: 1 item (1 folder)
Abstract: Material primarily pertaining to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, formerly Bath, Virginia, includes a genealogical history of the Joseph Durham family; typescript copies of the Civil War diary of Robert Atkinson, Morgan County, kept while a political prisoner at Fort Delaware, 1862; extracts from the diary of Deborah Comly, a governess for the Charles Tutt family of Berkeley Springs, 1873; notes on the Hinckle-Duckwell-Shade families; correspondence concerning Yoe, Fox, Hollingsworth, and Steiner families, 1952-1953; copies of letters and memoranda of Laura Shade Michael; and extracts from Donn Piatt's SUNDAY MEDITATIONS (1893) pertaining to Berkeley Springs. The photocopied material includes a letter from David Hunter Strother to Perley Poore, 1858; lottery ticket for a town lot in Bath, 1814; a Porte Crayon (David H. Strother) autograph; slave list from Berkeley County; letter from William Wirt to his daughter, 1823, commenting on Berkeley Springs; letter from Thomas Jefferson to a Mr. Rodney, 1808, concerning the assault of the gambler Thomas Bailey on Jefferson's secretary; and selections from the journal of James K. Polk, 1848, the journal of Joseph Vaughan, 1787, and "Uria Brown's Journal," (MARYLAND HISTORICAL MAGAZINE, volumes 11-12) concerning visits to the springs at Bath.
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Title: Schools. Harpers Ferry. Roster of Pupils, 1819
Call number: 1369
Creator, Corporate name: Harpers Ferry Schools
Inclusive dates: 1819
Extent: 1 item (1 oversize folder)
Abstract: Arrangement of the pupils on the Harper's Ferry Seminary; and the lessons assigned them. April 28, 1819.
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Title: West Virginia Heritage Bookshelf Typescripts, 1960
Call number: 1370
Creator, Corporate name: West Virginia Heritage Bookshelf
Inclusive dates: 1960
Extent: 2 items
Abstract: Verifaz copies of remarks made at the formal presentation of the West Virginia Heritage Bookshelf to Mount Hope High School and Spanishburg High School by Okey L. Patteson and Mr. E. G. Otey.
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Title: "History of the Pierpont-Avery Community," 1940
Call number: 1371
Creator: Bayles, John C., Compiler
Inclusive dates: 1940
Extent: 1 1/2 in. (1 volume in 1 folder)
Abstract: "History of the Pierpont-Avery Community," compiled by John C. Bayles, is a genealogical and local history study of this Monongalia County, West Virginia, settlement on the Cheat River from the late 1700s to 1930s. Narrative is 250-pages long and describes the geography of the area, community leaders, churches and schools, general history, and climate. Also includes several black-and-white photographs.
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Title: Alexander, Holmes Moss (1906-1985). Papers, 1929-1970
Call number: 1372
Creator: Alexander, Holmes Moss (1906-1985)
Inclusive dates: 1929-1970
Extent: 10 ft. 5 in. (13 document cases, 5 in. each); (3 record cartons, 15 in. each); (2 small flat storage boxes, 6 in. each); (4 unboxed scrapbooks, 9 in.)
Abstract: Correspondence, literary manuscripts, photographs, and miscellaneous material of a newspaper columnist, political analyst, biographer, novelist, short story writer, and gentleman farmer. The papers are primarily concerned with Alexander's literary and publishing activities. Other subjects include Alexander's interest in livestock raising, a proposed birth control law, and motion picture censorship in Maryland. Correspondents include Styles Bridges, Richard A. Chase, Joseph S. Clark, Thomas J. Dodd, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, Mark O. Hatfield, Thomas C. Hennings, Marquis James, Gerald W. Johnson, Louis Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Frank R. Kent, Edward Martin, H.L. Mencken, Ogden Nash, Allan Nevins, Richard L. Neuberger, Richard Nixon, William Proxmire, Leverett Saltonstall, and Thomas A. Whelan.
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Title: Edwards, William Henry (1822-1909). Papers, 1840-1907.
Call number: 1373
Creator: Edwards, William Henry (1822-1909)
Inclusive dates: 1840-1907
Extent: 3 in. (1 small flat storage box, 3 in.); 2 reels of microfilm
Abstract: Correspondence and papers of a lawyer, businessman, naturalist, and author of THE BUTTERFLIES OF NORTH AMERICA (1879-1897), who resided at Coalburg. There are entomological notebooks and "Autobiographical Notes." Subjects include coal lands, scientific publications, and research on butterflies. Correspondents include Louis Agassiz, Samuel F.B. Morse, and S.H. Peabody.
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Title: Neale, William Presley Lewis. Manuscript, n.d.
Call number: 1374
Creator: Neale, William Presley Lewis
Inclusive dates: n.d.
Extent: 1 item
Abstract: Sketch of a western Virginia pioneer who left Loudon County, Virginia when his mother and stepfather emigrated (ca.1816) and settled in Mercer's Bottom in Mason County. The sketch was written by one of the subject's children and has anecdotes about Neale's boyhood, parents, and frontier farming. This family history contains a life story of Nancy Maria Smith Neale, William's mother, a woman of vision and independence.
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Title: Hastings, Lynn. Monongalia County Schools and Local History (Typescript), 1864-1960
Call number: 1375
Creator, Corporate name: Schools. Monongalia County Board of Education
Inclusive dates: 1864-1960
Extent: 7 1/2 in. (1 document case, 5 in.; 1 document case, 2 1/2 in. )
Abstract: "Monongalia County Schools and Local History, 1864-1960," compiled by Lynn Hastings, includes lists of various county and school officials, rosters of teachers and students, and organizational data of the school system.
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Title: First Christian Church (Connellsville). Records, 1865-1903.
Call number: 1376
Creator, Corporate name: First Christian Church, Connellsville
Inclusive dates: 1865-1903
Extent: 1 reel of microfilm (2 vols.)
Abstract: Record of ministers, members, baptisms, deaths, meetings of the church board, reports of the various church departments, and organizational history.
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Title: Salt Sulphur Springs. Records, 1819-1932.
Call number: 1377
Creator, Corporate name: Salt Sulphur Springs Co.
Inclusive dates: 1819-1932
Extent: 1 in. (1 ledger)
Abstract: Financial records, letter books, guest registers, and other materials relating to the various business enterprises of the Salt Sulphur Springs Company, including a general store, hotel, stage line, telegraph company, and farm in Monroe County, West Virginia. There is a letter book of the Oriental Powder Mills, Charleston; daybooks of the E.D. Ballard general store; Mill Creek school records; and guest register of the Salt Sulphur Springs Hotel, 1894-1904.
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Title: West Virginia University. Flag Collection, 1863-1912 and undated
Call number: 1378
Inclusive dates: 1863-1912 and undated
Extent: 2 ft. 2 in. (4 oversize boxes, 5 in.; 2 oversize boxes, 3 in.)
Abstract: Several historic flags connected to West Virginia University or citizens of West Virginia include parts of a 10th West Virginia regimental flag; a Spanish flag taken during the Spanish-American War in Cuba; two 46-star United States flags; and a large flag with blue and gold stars and a red border. Also includes two rolled United States flags on poles and two rolled West Virginia flags on poles.
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Title: Cook, Roy Bird (1886-1961), Collector. Papers Regarding General Joseph A.J. Lightburn and Other Material, 1774-1960
Call number: 1379
Creator: Cook, Roy Bird (1886-1961), Collector
Inclusive dates: 1774-1960
Bulk dates: 1939-1960
Extent: 1/2 in. (1 folder)
Abstract: Materials collected by Roy Bird Cook regarding General Joseph Andrew Jackson Lightburn. Includes letters sent to Dr. Bird regarding General Lightburn and the Lightburn family, newspaper clippings regarding Lightburn and the Civil War in West Virginia, two maps, a pamphlet, and other material. See the "Historical Note" for further information about General Lightburn.
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Title: West Virginia State Industrial Union Council, CIO. Archives, 1939-1951.
Call number: 1380
Creator, Corporate name: West Virginia State Industrial Union Council, CIO
Inclusive dates: 1939-1951
Extent: 12 ft. 6 in. (30 document cases, 5 in. each)
Abstract: Correspondence, legal papers, reports, and printed material of the state CIO organization founded in 1937. Subjects include the trade unions and councils allied with the Industrial Union Council; IUC state conventions; the activities of the CIO Political Action Committee at the state and national levels; congressional and presidential elections, 1940-1950; state and national labor legislation, particularly the anti-poll tax bill, fair employment practices legislation, and the Taft-Hartley Act; organizing activities including the Steel Workers' Organizing Committee, and the CIO Southern Drive Committee; national defense and wartime agencies such as the War Production Board, War Labor Board, Wage Stabilization Board, Office of Price Administration, and the War Manpower Commission; New Deal projects including the Works Progress Administration, and the Red House Homestead project at Eleanor (Red House); labor mediation and arbitration; the National Labor Relations Board; West Virginia Cooperative Labor Legislative Council; Labor's Non-Partisan League; organizational disputes between the AFL and the CIO, particularly in the communications and chemical industries; Interracial Council; crippled children's work; and the National CIO Community Services Committee. Correspondents include Cleveland Bailey, Van A. Bittner, Chester Bowles, James B. Carey, Jonathan Daniels, D. Boone Dawson, Andrew Edmiston, Raymond J. Funkhouser, Sidney H. Hillman, George W. Johnson, Louis Johnson, Elizabeth Kee, John Kee, Harley Kilgore, James M. Landis, David J. MacDonald, Clarence W. Meadows, Philip Murray, M.M. Neely, Okey J. Patteson, Jennings Randolph, Eleanor Roosevelt, Joe L. Smith, and Harley O. Staggers.
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Title: Trent, William W. (1878-1960). Papers, 1896 (1933-1956).
Call number: 1381
Creator: Trent, William W. (1878-1960)
Inclusive dates: 1896 (1933-1956)
Extent: 2 ft. 1 in. (5 document cases, 5 in. each)
Abstract: Correspondence, circular letters, news releases, and printed materials of the State Superintendent of Free Schools, 1933-1957. The collection includes Trent's college essays, reports of the Board of Public Works, and utility assessment hearings of the superintendent, 1933-1956.
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Title: Pleasants County Home Guard. Regimental Book, 1862-1866
Call number: 1382
Creator, Corporate name: Pleasants County Home Guard
Inclusive dates: 1862-1866
Extent: 1 in.
Abstract: Photocopies of the Pleasants County Home Guard regimental book (191st. Regiment, 23rd. Brigade, 3rd. Division, Virginia Militia). The book is a record of the unit's membership and routine business minutes. Included are descriptions of the jurisdictional boundaries of each company and oaths of office for commissioned and non-commissioned officers.
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