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Title: Price-McBee Families. Papers, 1825-1896.
Call number: 27
Creator, Family name: Price-McBee Families
Inclusive dates: 1825-1896
Extent: 1 in. (1 folder)
Abstract: Letters to Thomas McBee and members of the McBee family in Monongalia County, West Virginia, from relatives in the Baird, Corns, England, and Noel families of Sharpsburg, Virginia*, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1859-1896. There are also several letters to Thomas and Elizabeth Price of Clinton Furnace, Monongalia County, 1873-1896; as well as subscription lists for the building of the "Union" meeting and schoolhouse, 1830, and for a school to be taught by William Price on the J. Barnes property, Monongalia County, 1825.
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Title: West Virginia Portraits Collection, ca. 1845-1960
Call number: 30
Inclusive dates: ca. 1845-1960
Extent: 33 items
Abstract: An artificial collection composed of portraits in the West Virginia University Libraries and West Virginia and Regional History Center of historical West Virginia subjects dating from approximately the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. Includes portraits of political and military figures, and West Virginia University presidents. See scope and content note for a contents list.
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Title: Ohio County. Archives, 1772-1935.
Call number: 31
Creator, Corporate name: Ohio County Court
Inclusive dates: 1772-1935
Extent: 269 ft. 4 1/2 in. (597 document cases, 5 in. each); (1 document case, 2 1/2 in.); (8 records cartons, 15 in. each); (1 oversize records carton, 17 in.); (50 ledgers, 9 ft. 6 in.); (812 reels of microfilm)
Abstract: Court case papers, 1776-1930; court and county record books; birth and death records, 1887-1888; and account and minute books of individuals, companies, and organizations, 1772-1935. The bound volumes include records of brand registrations, deeds, estrays, land entries, marriages, military service, surveys, and wills. The private account books relate to general merchandising, coal sales, dental practice, a debating society, distilling, carriage manufacturing, hotels, steamboat freighting, the Ohio County Centennial Association, Ohio Valley Glass Company, Wheeling Masonic Hall Association, West Virginia Exposition and Fair Association, and the settlement of the Ebenezer Zane trust. Researchers can access this collection through microfilm user copies. There are 812 reels; an index to reels 1-247 is located on our website under "public records"; alphabetical, chronological, and subject indexes to reels 248-812 (565 reels) are located in "Ohio County (WV) index / compiled by Kenneth Fischer Craft, Jr." at "929.375414 C843oh", available in our reading room.
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Title: Bennett, Jonathan M. (1816-1887). Papers, 1785-1899.
Call number: 32
Creator: Bennett, Jonathan M.
Inclusive dates: 1785-1899
Extent: 33 ft. 7 in. (80 document cases, 5 in. each); (1 document case, 2 1/2 in.); (1 folder, 1/4 in.); (1 oversize folder, 1/4 in.)
Abstract: Correspondence and papers of a major political figure dealing largely with politics in Virginia, West Virginia, and Virginia in the Confederacy. Bennett, a lawyer and legislator, was a member of the Virginia General Assembly, 1852-1853; president of the Weston Branch of the Exchange Bank of Virginia; auditor of Virginia, 1857-1865; member of the senate of West Virginia, 1872-1876; and a member of the commission appointed to adjust the Virginia debt question in 1871. Correspondents include James Barbour, Arthur I. Boreman, G.D. Camden, J.N. Camden, R.P. Camden, John S. Carlile, Spencer Dayton, J.H. Diss Debar, Matthew Edmiston, John W. Garrett, Nathan Goff, William L. Jackson, Joseph Johnson, Edwin Maxwell, J.H. Pendleton, Francis H. Pierpont, Beverly Randolph, John H. Reagan, William Prescott Smith, Felix Sutton, William P. Thompson, John Tyler, and P.G. Van Winkle.
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Title: Ewin, William. Documents, 1784-1837
Call number: 33
Creator: Ewin, William
Inclusive dates: 1784-1837
Extent: 5 in. (1 large flat storage box)
Abstract: One hundred and fifty-six documents, dating from 1784 to 1837, mounted and bound in a single volume. The collection contains business papers of William Ewin, of St. George, Tucker County, West Virginia, 1835 to 1850, subsequently a surveyor of prominence in West Virginia, and a member of the West Virginia State Senate (1879-1882). Approximately one third of the collection consists of patents, surveys, and other papers pertaining to wild lands in Randolph county, (West) Virginia, of which William Ewin owned a large acreage.
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Title: Lightburn, Joseph Andrew Jackson (1824-1901). Letter, 1863
Call number: 34
Creator: Lightburn, Joseph Andrew Jackson (1824-1901)
Inclusive dates: 1863
Extent: 1/4 in. (1 folder)
Abstract: Typescript copy of a letter written by General Lightburn, commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 2nd Division, XV Army Corps, to "My dear George." There is mention of the siege of Vicksburg and the strength of the defensive positions of the town; battle losses; and a request that his letters not be published "as I am down on newspaper puffing."
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Title: Bennett, Louis. Papers, 1841-1916.
Call number: 35
Creator: Bennett, Louis
Inclusive dates: 1841-1916
Extent: 5 ft. 5 in. (13 document cases, 5 in. each)
Abstract: The business papers and legal correspondence of Louis Bennett (1849-1918) of Weston, a wealthy landowner and lawyer. Also included are papers of his father Jonathan M. Bennett and the latter's associate Gideon D. Camden.
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Title: West Virginia Postmarks
Call number: 36
Creator, Corporate name: West Virginia Postmarks
Extent: 8 ft. 4 in. (20 document cases, 5 in.)
Abstract: A collection of postmarks from various West Virginia post offices and towns.
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Title: Mason, John W. (1842-1917). Papers Regarding Virginia Debt and Other Material, 1872-1919
Call number: 37
Creator: Mason, John W. (1842-1917)
Inclusive dates: 1872-1919
Bulk dates: 1907-1919
Extent: 4 ft. 2 in. (9 document cases, 5 in. each); (1 large flat storage box, 5 in. )
Abstract: Letters and pamphlets of judge John W. Mason (1842-1917) chiefly concerning the Virginia Debt question. Mason was a circuit court and state Supreme Court judge, member of the Virginia State Debt Commission, and commissioner of Internal Revenue. There are also records of cases heard by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals while John W. Mason was a member of that body. For contents list, please see Scope and Content Note. For list of pamphlets, please see control folder.
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Title: Pendleton County Court. Records, 1789-1880.
Call number: 38
Creator, Corporate name: Pendleton County Court
Inclusive dates: 1789-1880
Extent: 1 ft. 3 in. (3 document cases, 5 in. each); 2 reels of microfilm
Abstract: Legal papers pertaining to Pendleton County, (West) Virginia from 1789 to 1880. Includes bonds, marriage bonds, capiases, affidavits, indentures, and military commissions signed by Virginia governors.
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Title: Clark, Friend E., Collector. Papers, 1769-1919.
Call number: 39
Creator: Clark, Friend E., Collector
Inclusive dates: 1769-1919
Extent: 1 in. (1 folder)
Abstract: Papers collected by Friend E. Clark contain several documents related Lt. F. C. Cox, who served with Gen. James A. Walker during the Civil War: a copy of an undated letter from Col. Charles A. Ronald, 4th Virginia Infantry, to Governor John Letcher on behalf of Lt. F. C. Cox; two letters from Berkeley Moore to Septimus Hall, written July 3 and 12, 1919, related to Cox and his military service; and a short typed genealogy of the Davis-Cox family recording family history from 1769 to 1898. Also includes two of Friend Clark's class notebooks for Advanced Chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry at West Virginia University. Notebooks contain lecture notes and laboratory assignment notes for the 1897-1898 academic year.
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Title: Fleming, Aretas Brooks (1839-1923). Papers, 1784-1924.
Call number: 40
Creator: Fleming, Aretas Brooks (1839-1923)
Inclusive dates: 1784-1924
Extent: 44 ft. 10 in. (107 document cases, 5 in. each); (1 small flat storage box, 3 in.)
Abstract: Papers of the eighth governor of West Virginia, 1890-1893, who was an attorney in Marion County, 1863-1867, a member of the House of Delegates, 1872-1875, a circuit judge, 1878-1888. Fleming was closely associated with James O. Watson in the development of the coal and railroad industry in the Monongahela Valley. There are scattered papers, including several hundred sermons of Benjamin F. Fleming (1810-1876); one common pleas book; two "Memorandum of Decisions" books from the law firm of A.B. Fleming; and family genealogical records. Among the correspondents are J.N. Camden, H.G. Davis, A.G. Dayton, S.B. Elkins, and F.H. Pierpont. See scope and contents for link to photographs in West Virginia History OnView.
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Title: Beckley, Alfred (1802-1888). Papers, 1832-1856.
Call number: 41
Creator: Beckley, Alfred (1802-1888)
Inclusive dates: 1832-1856
Extent: 1/4 in. (1 folder)
Abstract: Correspondence of General Beckley, founder of the town which bears his name, and his wife, Emilly Craig, and a sales agreement for land in Mercer County signed by Beckley and Edmund Lilly, 1 July 1837. Subjects include the presidential election of 1832 in Kentucky, social affairs, the cholera scourge, and Andrew Jackson's reception in Lexington, Kentucky, 1832; and Beckley family affairs.
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Title: Hall, Granville Davisson (1837-1934). Papers, 1861-1947, undated
Call number: 42
Creator: Hall, Granville Davisson (1837-1934)
Inclusive dates: 1861-1947, undated
Bulk dates: 1861-1928
Extent: 1 ft. 3 1/2 in. (2 doc cases, 5 in. each); (1 doc case, 2 1/2 in.); (1 flat storage box, 3 in.)
Abstract: Correspondence and writings of Granville Davisson Hall, reporter for the Wheeling Intelligencer during the Wheeling conventions, 1861-1863; secretary of state of West Virginia, 1865-1873; and author of numerous works of fiction and historical studies about West Virginia. Includes correspondence (1861-1947, undated), mainly regarding personal matters, the early statehood period, and Civil War activities in West Virginia; and typescript copies and drafts of numerous articles by Hall (some of which were published) on topics including West Virginia statehood, the U.S. Constitution and government, and other historical subjects (ca. 1896-1925, undated). Also includes miscellaneous typescript articles, newspaper clippings, and memoranda regarding politics and history (1863-1928, undated); and miscellaneous printed material from the First Constitutional Convention of West Virginia (1861-1863). The majority of the correspondence and miscellaneous material post-dates statehood. See Scope and Content Note for series descriptions and folder-level contents list.
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Title: Brooke County. Archives, 1776-1918.
Call number: 43
Creator, Corporate name: Brooke County Court
Inclusive dates: 1776-1918
Extent: 74 ft. 2 1/2 in. (156 document cases, 5 in. each); (4 records cartons, 15 in. each); (22 ledgers, 4 ft. 2 1/2 in.); 187 reels of microfilm (The land book [A&M 334] may be on reel number BRO 145.)
Abstract: Suit papers and bound volumes of county records. A name and subject index to the loose papers and an inventory of the volumes are available. There is an account book for general merchandise sold by John Connell, 1794-1796, in Wellsburg, and other private account books, 1845-1870.
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Title: Monongalia County. World War I. Records, 1917-1918.
Call number: 44
Creator, Corporate name: Monongalia County Court
Inclusive dates: 1917-1918
Extent: 3 in. (1 small flat storage box)
Abstract: Copies of rules and regulations determining the order of drafting by local boards; an index to serial numbers in master list; a list of names in registration of 5 June 1917; a list of registrants, 12 September 1918; names of persons inducted by the Monongalia County Board; and an alphabetical list of the selective service class of 1918.
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Title: Everly, John Lafayette Family. Historical Narrative, 1936
Call number: 45
Creator: Fowler, Kenneth, Collector
Inclusive dates: 1936
Extent: 1/4 in. (1 folder)
Abstract: John Lafayette Everly (b. 1837) was a farmer and surveyor in Preston County, West Virginia, and served in the 7th West Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. Two typescript copies of "A Short History of the Everly Family" document John L. Everly's family from the late 18th century to the early 20th century, with an emphasis on Everly's Civil War service and his children. (Although Kenneth Fowler's name is recorded to one of the typescripts, it is unclear who actually authored it.)
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Title: U.S. Works Progress Administration. West Virginia Historic Records Survey, 1750-1939.
Call number: 46
Creator, Corporate name: U.S Works Progress Administration.
Inclusive dates: 1750-1939
Extent: 89 ft. 7 in. (215 document cases, 5 in. each); 299 reels of microfilm
Abstract: Copies of records from each county in West Virginia gathered by the depression-era public records survey funded by the Works Progress Administration. Included are registers of births, marriages, deaths, wills, estate settlements, and land records. Transcriptions of county and circuit court minute and order books are included as well as cemetery readings and registers; church record surveys; mimeographed calendars of the papers of West Virginia governors; and American Imprint Inventory slips of the holdings of several West Virginia libraries.
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Title: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan (1824-1863). Papers, 1845-1862, 1951.
Call number: 47
Creator: Jackson, Thomas Jonathan (1824-1863)
Inclusive dates: 1845-1862, 1951
Extent: 6 in. (2 small flat storage boxes, 3 in. each)
Abstract: 188 photostats of letters written by Jackson from various places in the United States, Mexico, and at sea, to his sister and niece; and a script of a radio broadcast, "Stonewall Jackson," over station WLW on 21 August 1951.
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Title: Reynolds, William. Diary, May-July, 1841.
Call number: 48
Creator: Reynolds, William
Inclusive dates: May-July, 1841
Extent: 1/4 in. (1 folder)
Abstract: Extracts from a diary of a tour of the eastern states by a resident of Meadville, Pennsylvania, with descriptions of travel through Greenbrier, Fayette, Kanawha, and Cabell counties, (West) Virginia. Subjects covered include descriptions of buildings, as well as musings about diversions and people of various U.S. cities, including Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. (where Reynolds attended a session of Congress and heard Clay, Calhoun and Buchanan), Richmond, Charlottesville (he visited Monticello), Charleston, and a number of smaller Virginia cities. There are also descriptions of "natural wonders", including Weirs Cave, Devil's Bake Oven, the Natural Bridge, White Sulphur Springs, and Kanawha Falls.
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Title: Smokeless Coal Operators Association. Historical Records, 1886-1961
Call number: 49
Creator, Corporate name: Smokeless Coal Operators Association
Inclusive dates: 1886-1961
Extent: 1 item and 5 reels of microfilm
Abstract: Production statistics and extracts from historical files of the Smokeless Coal Operators Association, also known as the Pocahontas Operators Association, including information regarding the Pocahontas Coal Co., Lynchburg Coal & Coke Co., Southern Coal Producers Association, Turkey Gap Coal and Coke Co., Ennis Coal Co., Aileen Coal Co., Buckeye Coal & Coke Co., and the Pocahontas Fuel Co. There is a brief history of the coal industry in West Virginia, 1800-1951, and a typescript entitled "Princess Pocahontas."
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Title: Reynolds, Francis Marion (1843-1931). Papers, 1845-1931.
Call number: 50
Creator: Reynolds, Francis Marion (1843-1931)
Inclusive dates: 1845-1931
Extent: 7 ft. 11 in. (19 document cases, 5 in. each)
Abstract: Business papers of a Keyser attorney who was judge of the sixteenth judicial circuit, 1904-1920; member of the West Virginia Legislature, 1895-1896 and 1901-1904; and a member of many educational, commercial, and financial boards in Mineral County. Correspondents include John J. Cornwell, H.G. Davis, A.G. Dayton, S.B. Elkins, and Cecil B. Highland.
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Title: Hampshire County. Archives, 1736-1949.
Call number: 51
Creator, Corporate name: Hampshire County Court
Inclusive dates: 1736-1949
Extent: 7 ft. 1 in. (17 document cases, 5 in. each); (1 folder, 1 item)
Abstract: Court case and other miscellaneous papers from various county offices, 1736-1749; record books, 1820-1948; and account books of banks, churches, general stores, insurance firms, physicians, estate settlements, and gristmills. There is a partial index of plaintiffs, defendants, and subjects in the case papers, and a checklist of the bound volumes.
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Title: Dayton, Alston Gordon. Papers, 1848-1920
Call number: 52
Creator: Dayton, Alston Gordon
Inclusive dates: 1846-1920
Extent: 42 ft. (101 document cases)
Abstract: The papers of prominent Barbour County native, Alston G. Dayton (1857-1920), a lawyer, politician, and West Virginia Federal Court Judge, including correspondence, professional papers and manuscripts concerning West Virginia politics and development of state industry. Also included are the papers of Dayton's father, Spencer Dayton, lawyer, and Fred O. Blue, lawyer. Correspondence offers much insight into the attitudes and goals of these men and into their considerable direct and indirect influence on the state's development and welfare. See scope and contents for link to photographs in West Virginia History OnView.
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Title: Elkins, Stephen B. (1841-1911). Papers, 1841-1946
Call number: 53
Creator: Elkins, Stephen B. (1841-1911)
Inclusive dates: 1841-1946
Extent: 8 ft. 7 in. (16 document cases, 5 in. each); (8 large flat storage boxes, 3 in. each); (1 oversize folder, 1/4 in,); 2 reels of microfilm
Abstract: Correspondence from and to a Republican U.S. Senator (1895-1911) and businessman with interests in timber, coal and railroads. The collection consists of speeches, maps, deeds, contracts, reports, photographs, and newspaper clipping scrapbooks concerning political, business and family affairs. There is also a Xeroxed copy of a journal, 3-20 April 1898, which discusses the Spanish-American War. Subjects include interests in West Virginia, New Mexico, Texas, and California; the Hampshire and Baltimore Coal Company; the Davis Coal and Coke Company; the West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway; the Morgantown and Kingwood Railroad; Berkeley Springs Hotel Company; Buckhannon Relief Oil and Gas Company; the Allegheny Improvement Company; Little Kanawha Syndicate; Wheeling Traction Company; Great Falls and Old Dominion Railroad; St. Louis and North Arkansas Railroad; Magistral Exploration Company of Mexico; Westernport Electric Railway, and other corporations. Correspondents include A.B. White, James G. Blaine, J.N. Camden, Andrew Carnegie, T.B. Catron, Grover Cleveland, Henry G. Davis, Chauncey Depew, James A. Garfield, Cardinal James Gibbons, Ulysses S. Grant, Murat Halstead, Mark Hanna, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, William S. Herndon, R.C. Kerens, Ogden Mills, William McKinley, J.P. Morgan, Theodore Roosevelt, George C. Sturgiss, and William Howard Taft. See scope and contents for link to photographs in West Virginia History OnView.
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